Welcome to Interrelated Planet. This blog is a sharing of stories, musings, ideas and field work that quilts together our collective hearts, minds and actions in relation to our beloved planet Earth.

Interrelatedness refers to the connections among things, humans, and natural spheres. It speaks to our connections with the most miniscule to the most vast mysteries of creation. The old paradigm of life on Earth told the story of separation, of survival of the fittest, within all those old textbook pages of history. Those days are gone, thankfully.

The new paradigm of life on Terra Gaia tells a different story: everything is connected in incredibly intricate, woven patterns that are dynamic, flowing, and shifting in an eternally changing kalidoscopic dance that we’ve only taken toddler steps towards understanding. It’s about time.

I welcome you to come along on this exploration of interrelatedness. Share your thoughts when you feel so inclined, and remember to be respectful and kind when you do. Let’s explore the journey towards wholeness with open hearts and minds.

Leigh Jardine, founder of Interrelated Planet.org