April 2023

Hello World! I cannot believe it’s been a whole year since I last wrote a blog post. In the year that passed so much has happened, both personally and in our collective world. I’m sure you would agree that life on our beloved planet Gaia continues to amp up with ever greater intensity and photonic, cosmic light. On the personal side, since spring of 2022 I created a new livelihood, a beautiful all-wheel drive vehicle to get around my life in, and a new, wonderful home out of the beehive and closer to the mountains. Despite all the ruckus and cacophony of Life-On-Earth in the 2020s, I can honestly state that Life is Good!

It’s doubtful that I will keep this blog alive for much longer, as it seems that I am no longer truly interested in sharing my thoughts and feelings with random strangers like I used to be. But for now, I wish everyone who might stumble upon this post a blessed and abundant springtime. Keep looking at the stars, planets, and cosmos, while simultaneously enjoying every small blessing that is within your senses here on Earth. We are extremely fortunate to live on the most exquisite of planets, and must never, ever take it for granted. Earth/ Gaia is the jewel, the garden planet within our galaxy. Happy Spring!!


One thought on “April 2023

  1. mokasiya

    so wonderful, to read and receive your message of the heart.
    always wishing you the best in all ways as you dance in light and love
    on this most beautiful and extraordinary Earth home. mokasiya


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