Keeping calm in the time of Coronavirus

Notice_to_PetsHello Dear Readers, I’m here with a current update on the Covid 19 coronavirus situation (aka Keeping calm in the time of Coronavirus) from my little spot on the planet. Gotta admit, my focus has really fallen apart in the past couple of weeks. Each day there are new, even more grim statistics and restrictions as the data continues to increase of people testing positive across the United States. Since the end of last week, more state governors are tightening the movement of people, particularly in larger cities. California’s governor has put the entire state on a lockdown order and asks everyone who can, to stay home. Here in Colorado, Governor Polis has ordered all non-essential businesses to reduce their in-person contact by half, staggering shifts when possible and working from home if at all feasible. Today (Monday, March 23, 2020) Mayor Hancock put out a shelter-in-place order for the city and county of Denver, beginning Tuesday, the 24th, for at least the next two weeks. He even went so far as to include closing liquor stores and cannabis pharmacies; however due to the public and business owners outcry has backed off of that restriction. Clearly, the citizens of Denver consider both those substances to be as essential as food and fuel.

I know that many of you are closely following the ever-present news cycle for updates on the virus in your own city, town, region and country. I sincerely hope and pray that the authorities where you live are doing their utmost to ensure everyone has the medical care they need and that the medical teams are being given the protective gear they require to continue to do their work. This will look unique, depending on your life circumstances. I also hope you are finding reputable news sources that are based on science and factual information.

Many response organizations have quickly mobilized during the past couple of weeks, and there are various ways to help with relief efforts. Some are the same organizations that help with disaster relief from extreme weather events, and new orgs that are specifically responding to the Covid 19 pandemic. There are lots of ways to help those in need in your neighborhood, city and region, so find resources through your local municipal government websites. The same goes if you are in need of food, medical support, mental health support, or someone to talk with during these unprecedented times of social distancing and sheltering-in-place. There is no shame in reaching out for help.

As I did online research for this blog post, I discovered this article from Vox. For some much-needed entertainment and laughs in the middle of lockdowns, shelter-in-place orders, and otherwise isolation measures, I highly recommend going to their webpage:

We are truly all in this pandemic together. A quick google search gives me pause, as I ponder the vast array of reactions from people across the world to our common situation. Yes, in some cases it is a matter of life and death. Thousands of people have died as a result of getting the virus. Yet, humans seem to have a knack for finding the absurdist humor in even the most dire circumstances. We are a creative, intelligent, innovative species, after all. We are in a huge, unprecedented moment of crisis on the planet. The truth is, no one is really in charge and it is changing moment by moment. The only thing each of us has control over is our own, personal response to it. So, Dear Readers, I will kindly and respectfully remind you to KEEP BREATHING deeply and often, turn off the internet, put down your phone, and do whatever you can to ground your fears and anxiety as they arise inside you. Move your energy down from your mental body into your heart space. Breathe into your heart, become quiet, and realize that no matter WHAT happens, you can handle it. You are not alone, because we are ALL connected, and the spiritual folk in higher realms are ever available to assist as soon as you ask. Now is the time to truly be PRESENT IN THE MOMENT, to open to your I AM presence, and to let go into the larger picture of Life as a Human on Earth. No more excuses. Be the Love, Be the Light, Be the Way. Right Now. We’ve got this.





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